Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Program Jalinan Silaturrahim

Event : Program Jalinan Silaturrahim IS221 PLK
Date : 7 & 8 February 2009
Venue : PD Sanctuary
Participant: Part 1 to Part 8 (total 80 participants)

Our gratitute to all student IS221 PLK from part one until part 8 which gave highly commitment on the participation in this event which has been held for the first time ever among PLK student.

Our gracious to all the representatives from each part for their contribution, support & making this program achieve its objective to at least student PLK know each other. Besides, its hope will give them knowledge sharing & making the relationship become more valuable among us.

Let share some photos uploaded:


  1. Guys...mana yg ada photos tu pls share2, drop email to me, bleh aku upload pics tu especially gambar mlm dinner bbq yg ada ambil gmbr every part bersama En.Juwahir & Pn.Norhayati:


  2. Sorry guys, byk lagi gmbr yg tak upload nie..internet problem!

  3. Wah...menariknyer!..xper, part two ader picture tapi take time sikit..

    If completed it, we all send u by e'mail..

  4. ramzi..ur email add?nk pass pics program..

  5. nak3..we all tgh tggu from our bf classmate nak completekan pic (memory card) to my mail..but, a bit late..

    so, sure!! kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan..

    my e'mail = cahayamataku_ain@yahoo.com

  6. Here my email: masterpiece.prediction@gmail.com

  7. ok.. part two ader send some foto during the program di PD operated..

    So, tu jer yg kami ader..yg relevant..Because other picture is private and confidential yg mana just posing xder point..

  8. Finally....dpt gak aku upload gmbr2 korang semua. Dan ada lagi yg aku tak upload...especially acara padang(sukaneka) tue..nanti aku upload...sory guys,lately ni internet problem + asgmt b'lambak..!!